March 2016

FIFA and Qatar’s Legacy: Human Misery

Say that you are not planning to watch the world cup in 2022 and you just might improve workers rights in Qatar

Goddamn Internationals

The logical conclusion is to separate domestic football season and international football season

Buy or I’m Out

Mesut Özil knows Arsenal aren’t good enough

RIP Johan Cruyff

Born: April 25, 1947. Died: March 24 2016

Think Globally, Act Locally

Fill Italian stadiums with fans, then look for fans in Asia

Plain Pain

Footballers suffer from more traumatic injuries and stress related illness. Shortening the season should be considered

Israeli Air Force Technology Will Help Next Mesut Özil to Dish out Assists

Using a special app can help footballers improve their vision and speed of thought

Wenger Needs to Resign

Jürgen Klopp loved Dortmund and that’s why he left the club. Arsène Wenger, if he loves Arsenal as much as he says he does, needs to leave as well

EPL is the New NBA

Only 4 teams can realistically compete against the Premier League in the transfer market

Knock-Out Effect

The Champions League is a tournament designed for Goliaths

Ramsey is Arsenal

Ramsey could have been a lot better but he was not coached properly

Wenger is a Dictator and Should be Toppled

Right now, Wenger is destroying his own legacy and every day he stays at the club is another wasted day.

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