April 2016


Uefa turns football into Test Cricket

Atlético Madrid – Entertainers

Diego Simeone’s football is by far a more entertaining style of football than Arsenal’s brand of bland, monotonic football

The Sick League

The ratio of income between the big teams and the small teams in the Champions League stands at roughly 33:1. That’s what smells so bad

Wenger’s Relationship With Supporters Cannot be Saved

Wenger’s broken promises and broken vision behind supporters’ discontent

Arsenal’s Moses

There are a lot of similarities between the historic figure of Moses and Arsène Wenger

Suraez – Naked Infront of the Net

In Barcelona, Luis Suraez is not similar yet similar to Gerd Müller

Barcelona Could Be Knackered

This season Barça played 7 games more than Atletico Madrid and 12 more than Real Madrid

Unsustainable Relationship

Wenger’s unsustainable relationship with the fans could be Arsenal’s downfall

End of the Kobe Era. In Football as Well

Is Messi the Kobe of football?

Memories FC

Footballers sacrifice their brain to create memories for their supporters. Memories. these supporters can use in their battle against Alzheimer

It’s Not a Mental Problem, It’s a Problem

Arsenal’s annual collapse is a result a football team which is not good enough, not tough enough, not athletic enough and not smart enough

Abu Dhabi > USA

Say what you say about Qatar and Abu Dhabi, at least they understand football supporters

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