May 2016

AFC Wimbledon – On Their Way to the Premier League

14 years ago they were supporters without a club. Now they are supporters owning a club in League One and building a new stadium.

ChampionsLess League Winners

The biggest teams in Europe think Uefa can earn a lot more money from the Champions League. They’re right

Can Mourinho Be Manchester United?

Can Mourinho let go of his own persona and let that “United” feel take over him? It’s hard to see it happening

The Stretch

Freshness will be a factor in the Champions League Final

“It’s Not For Us”

Unai Emery: Winning the league? No, it’s not for us

Soccerissue Interview: Simon Jones

Head of Performance Support and Innovation of Team Sky pro cycling team: “Innovation is chaotic but you need that chaos”

Let The Rebuilding Commence

Liverpool might be better off without Champions League football next season

Binary Football

Football can be a bit more interesting with some American regulations

Blaugrana Spine

Barca’s x-factor: A spine made out of values and principles

People Like Us Were Murdered

ISIS murdered people like us. People who complain about players under-performing and bad refereeing

Chelsea Don’t Sell Themselves Short

Chelsea send out a message: “We’re a big club and ya’ll should know it”

Achievement for the Men in Suits

“Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative”

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