June 2016

Possession is Not Passé

The possession vs counter attacking football or defensive football debate is going to be with us for many more years

Like Monks on an Island

England, tonight, were “easy targets” for the Icelandic raiders

He Gave it Everything He’s Got. It Wasn’t Enough

Maybe without Messi, best player in the world, Argentina can win the World Cup. They’ll need Diego Simeone for that

Quality All Around

After 4 games it is clear: Germany is the best team in Euro 2016

Brexit, What Now?

English football is now facing talent drain and brain drain

Brexit? Why?

Why would any football fan want to vote “leave”?

Re Think Formats: How Can You Make the 24 Teams Euro Great?

Yes, even with 24 teams you could see more big matches than with 16 teams, with a more competitive structure and even better quality


Is there problem with the current Euro format? Yes there is

Conte Above All Others

Antonio Conte is a coach in his prime. It gives Italy a great advantage

Small Mentality, Huge Result

Iceland played with 0.003% of their population against Portugal. No wonder Ronaldo couldn’t score

Russia 2018 is a Disaster Waiting to Happen

Russia is not a suitable place for a World Cup

Say No To National Service

If France wants to win this Euro, they better detach themselves from overwhelming emotions

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