July 2016

“No player in the world is worth £10,000″

If a club is rich enough to pay £100,000,0000 for a player, then the player is worth it. Simple

Soccerissue Interview: Scout7

Bradford Griffiths, Scout7 Operations Director: “”The football industry took a lot of time to find the real value in data. Their still looking for it”

Dortmund vs Arsenal in the Transfer Market

Dortmund’s activity in the transfer market highlights Arsenal’s impotence

Well, at Least England Will Play like England

With Big Sam on the line England will not try to play like Spain

State Sponsored Disaster

Russia 2018 is going to be a disaster.

Soccerissue Interview: Stefan Szymanski

Professor of sports management at the University of Michigan and author of “Money and Soccer” and Soccernomics: “A title win like Leicester City’s is not going to happen any time soon”‘

Groundhog Summer

As groundhog season is followed by a groundhog summer, Arsenal’s summers have become as predictable as the team’s performances on the pitch

There’s No Value

Wenger is looking for value, he’s not looking for good players

Respect the Prototype

The Portuguese players might have won the Euro because of hard work and determination but they showed respect to their tradition and DNA

The Distorted Euro

With one more game to go, and Uefa trying to “sell” Euro 2016 as a successful tournament, it is important to look at the facts

The French Hustlers who Beat the World Champions

The French players who grew up in the lower leagues have beaten the Ivy League graduates of Germany

The Hardest Worker

Cristiano Ronaldo is the best footballer in the world because he is the hardest working footballer in the world. Simple

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