August 2016

£1 billion on Players? That’s Not a lot of Money

While the transfer fees are enormous they may actually reflect a certain maturity in the transfer market

WTF International Break Now?!

7 straight months of domestic football season and then 3 straight “interesting” months of international football. It makes sense, no?

The First Chinese Football Deal With Israeli Club has Little to do With Football

Hapoel Tel Aviv, which desperately needs the money (debt stands at about €10m), won’t mind if its Chinese partners have sold weapons of mass destruction to Israel’s bitter enemies


That’s how Arsenal makes me feel right now. I don’t have to explain why, that’s just how I feel

It’s Özil or Wenger. Simple

Wenger sticks by his principles at the expense of his team, his players and the club

Arsène Wenger Makes Me Sad

Arsenal are uncoached, unprepared , unable to compete and mentally weak. And it’s been going on for more than a decade now

Duchâtelet Does Crimes Against Football

Protests from supporters of Standard Liege resulted in Duchâtelet selling the Belgian side. Charlton fans should intensify their protests

FC Fear

Arsenal’s most important man is scared. It’s scary

More Money, Less Ambition

In 1995 Arsenal felt comfortable to spend 31,4% of its income on Dennis Bergkamp – equivalent to spending more than £100m on one player today

Here is a Champions League Format that Must Be Considered

The big clubs want to change European Competition, there are some good ideas out there – please consider them

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