Here is a Champions League Format that Must Be Considered

The big clubs want to change European Competition, there are some good ideas out there - please consider them


According to reports “A new breakaway Champions League remains a serious option for some clubs ahead of crunch talks over potentially radical changes to the structure of European club football.”

The Daily Telegraph: “The vast global popularity of the Premier League is continuing to alarm clubs across other major leagues, who are increasingly looking to European competition as their main potential area of revenue growth. A series of meetings has been held to discuss options which, as well as a new tournament, also include pushing for significant change to a Champions League that would become more concentrated between the most market-able clubs in Europe.”

According to the report: Several documents have been circulating with proposals that range from a completely new competition to tweaks to the existing structure.

What are the real options though?

According to Stefan Szymanski, Professor of sports management at the University of Michigan and author of “Money and Soccer” and Soccernomics: “Uefa understands that big teams need to play against each other on regular basis” but “the American model won’t fit European football”.

Erecting a “Super League” won’t work. However, it is possible to let each competing team play 6 games or even more, let “small” teams enjoy income of the European competition and succeed commercially better than the current Champions League.

Here it it is: A Champions League Format UEFA Must Consider – Take 4

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