September 2016

Could There Ever be Another Arsène Wenger?


Greed is Part of England DNA

Can the England football association fight the corrupt genes in their “DNA”?

Mourinho’s Jealousy

I think that Mourinho, who has spent most of his career as a salaried employee of oil barons, oligarchs and American tycoons, is jealous of Wenger’s legacy

Midweek Blues

Study shows that the home teams perform significantly worse in midweek matches than in weekend matches. Why?

Another Horrible Idea

Fifa want to create a 24-team World Club Cup

Book Review: The Romford Pelé: It’s Only Ray Parlour’s Autobiography

Without meaning to do so Ray Parlour explains what went wrong with Arsenal in the last decade

Stupid Uefa is a Political Idiocracy

Uefa knew all the problems FFP will bring and it knew there are alternatives to the changes it wanted – however, the stupid politicians running the show didn’t mind.

Changes. Nothing

Uefa is a full of mediocre football administrators who are dumb at best and corrupt at worst

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