October 2016

Welcome to The Premier League, Pep

Ratio of income from top to bottom in the Premier League is 1.53:1 and 11.3:1 in La Liga, In Germany it’s about 10.5:1

The “Simple” Science of Winning

It’s just science: Run more, run more sprints and tackle better – and your chances of winning will get higher

Rare Beast

Enjoy Messi while you can, we won’t see another player like him

Too Much is Too Much

Football ratings are down because too much of a good thing is still too much

Calm Like a Defused Bomb

What do you do with Wayne Rooney? Not play him. It’s that simple

Stop Playing San Marino

Games between San Marino/ Andorra vs professionals disrespecting footballers and football. Stop playing them

Oh, Just Shut Up Already

With a $122 million dollar loss according to last financial statements, FIFA are desperate for more money and they are not fixing any problems in order to get it

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