Happy 6th Birthday To Us!

We are 6. Here are our the 10 most read articles in 2016!


1. We’re trying to make the Champions League great again and therefore our most read article in 2016 is about the a Champions League format Uefa most consider. Someone, please E-mail Uefa with this.

2. Our 2nd most read article in 2016 is also about formats – this time about Uefa’s Euro with 24 teams. Re Think Formats: How Can You Make the 24 Teams Euro Great?

3. Our 3rd most read article is our happy birthday wish to the legendary Roberto Baggio.

4. In fourth, is an article about Guus Hiddink’s mission at Chelsea. Remember he managed them last season?

5. Our 5th most read article is a long interview with Scout7 about scouting, the transfer market and Leicester City.

6. Ha Ha, Our 6th most read article is about Cristiano Ronaldo’s “decline”. Yeah, that Cristiano Ronaldo, 2016′s player of the year. We missed a sitter with that one.

7. We Lost a lot of all time greats in 2016. The greatest loss to the world of football was Johan Cruyff’s death. Here is our eulogy.

8. The 8th most read article is about The “Simple” Science of Winning.

9. It’s not going to be in 2016 but maybe in 2017, Arsenal, as a professional football club, need to think about the day after Wenger, not fear it.

10. Here’s to more variety in football. Binary Football.

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