Video Assistant Referees Cannot Hurt Football

Video assistant referee cannot hurt football. They just can't


They say that “Video Assistant Referees” can hurt the flow of the game or even itS dramatic nature. “That’s what people talk about – referee mistakes” those who oppose video assistance in football say. “If you take that from football, it will be less interesting”.

Well, that’s just bullshit.

Referees need video assistance because without it, the game is less fair.

Imagine that yesterday after Barcelona’s goal vs Real Betis was not seen by the referees, Luis Enrique would have thrown in the a Red Flag to challenge the ref’s decision.

A TV ref in the crowd would have then advised on the decision and the goal would have been allowed. In this parallel world, Barça would not have found themselves 4 points behind league leaders Real Madrid.

The whole process would have taken maximum of 2 minutes. Simple, logical, fair. Would it hurt the flow of the game? Would the game lose its appeal to the masses because of that? I doubt that.


Also yesterday, Roger Federer “was denied” a typical Grand Slam celebration when the crosscourt winner he hit on Rafael Nadal clipped the line, was called good but was challenged by Nadal. After a tense 10 seconds of waiting to see whether a computer graphic would determine whether Federer was a Grand Slam champion or still playing his match with Nadal, the Hawkeye showed the ball clipped the line and Federer was finally able to revel in the 18th grand title.

No story-line was hurt. The technological assistance was just another twist in the story. Part of the drama. Those tense 10 seconds were breathtaking and a natural part of the sport.

Video assistant referee cannot hurt football. They just can’t.

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