The Premier League Should Start Signing Referees

Mark Clattenburg is leaving England, so why should the Premier League be refereed just by Englishmen?


Mark Clattenburg is to quit his job as a Premier League referee to take up a position in Saudi Arabia. According to BBC: “The 41-year-old is widely considered to be one of the best referees in football, and he took charge of the Euro 2016 final, the Champions League final and the FA Cup final last season. In December, Clattenburg said he would consider officiating in the Chinese Super League.”

This development should bring to the table this question: Where are the foreign referees in the Premier League? Why are referees are the only non-international element left in football’es elite? Aren’t they human beings? Why can’t they choose where to ref?

The Premier League pays the highest referee salaries in the world – Full-time, top-flight Premier League officials can earn between £70,000 and £85,000 a year. Logic says that referees from all over the world should apply for a job in England. And why not? Only Premier League officials are contracted and have a salary, why can’t they sign the best referees Europe has to offer?

According to the stats, English referees are “bottling” it time after time. In 2014/15 season, 35% of the errors made by English referees were “significant errors” – which is a much higher rate than the 2nd worst significant error percentage (29% – Spain). Stats clearly show that they’re not up for the job at the highest level .

So where is the “Bosman” of referees? Demanding the chance to officiate in the Premier League, either for the professional challenge or simply for the money.

The European court would grant any top European referee such a wish. All you need is one man that will stand up against the system.

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