O Captain! No Captain!

Wenger a few years ago: ‘The captain is basically the messenger of the manager”. Yeah, right


In Mike Carson’s ”The Manager: Inside the Minds of Football’s Leaders”, Arsène Wenger spoke about his commitment to a strong dressing room – through a strong captain:

‘The captain is basically the messenger of the manager” Wenger said. “I always think that when a relationship between a captain and a manager is strong, it makes the team stronger and it makes the manager stronger. When that relationship splits, the club is in trouble because there is nothing worse for the team than to get two different messages from two different leaders. That’s why I believe that for a manager it is important to spend time with the captain. We speak about what he thinks the team needs, and about any special difficulties inside the dressing room”.

Wenger concludes that “there needs to be trust and that trust is built by going through a season together. That relationship is the difference between losing six games on the trot and only losing two or three – with that solidarity, they get together to turn it around”.

On Monday, Wenger has conceded he did not know who captained his side for the second half of their draw with Manchester City.

“I don’t remember,” he said. “It is a good question. Nobody asked me who is captain. I will have 24 hours to think about that.”

Really, it’s all you need to know about Wenger right now. Once upon a time captain was something important to him and the team. Today he can’t even remember who is the captain.


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