allon sander

The Last Great Euro

Platini sacrificed the Euro’s quality to gain political points

Two parallel lines finally meet

Allon Sander had it the other way: he lives with his affair, and goes to his wife from time to time to get the highest pleasure. Now, against all odds, the lover and the wife meet

When Germans get sentimental

Schalke humiliation of Inter last night wasn’t a big surprise considering the circumstances

This is a man’s world

After fighting racism and chauvinism, football should get rid of homophobia

I can’t stand you, now let’s go to bed

How whould Bayern Munich and Schalke players behave, now that their respective coaches’ fate was already decided

The Bayern syndrome

What is wrong with Bayern Munich? Let’s say it will be much easier to find out what works for Bayern

Glück Auf!

Bayern Munich had dominated almost every facet of its game against Dortmund, but Dortmund fought courageously and won the only stat that really counts: goals

Nuremberg. Yes, Nuremberg

Nuremberg is the Bundesliga’s surprise package. And if Bayern won’t win tomorrow, it will have to settle for the Champions League title

The times they are changing

Jean-Paul Sartre could not have found a better example for his relations between past and future than today’s clash between Inter and Bayern

Cruise Control

Mathematically speaking, some teams still hold a chance to catch Dortmund for the Bundesliga championship. But a deeper look into the numbers shows that it is a done deal

What should Magath do?

Felix Magath is willing to do anything to improve Schalke’s season. He is buying famous superstars, obscure players, and none of them is really playing well. In order to find the golden road, Magath should only look at the back mirror and remember who he used to be, only a couple of years ago.

How to win and stay a loser

Borussia Dortmund will win the Bundesliga championship this year, but it doesn’t mean the club, or its fans, is a winner. As their souls were crashed by the German government decision to erase the coal mines from their region, football is offering the Dortmund fans a meditation of winning and losing

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