Swansea Are The Real Winners

Cardiff might have won bragging rights this weekend but the Swansea’s fans can proud of their club while Cardiff’s supporters can expect more embarrassment from “their owner”. So who is the winner here?

For the Sake of Footballers

Football should give up on tournaments such as the Capital One Cup. This is an order from the doctor

It’s Hard Playing Against a Real Opponent, eh?

FC Barcelona are used to quash the whimps of La Liga and suddenly they faced a real financial force

The 10 Most Read Posts on Soccerissue in 2012

December is here and we are too lazy and cold to write proper posts so here are the 10 most read ones on Soccerissue in 2012.

Could Ronaldo Have Succeeded in Barcelona?

Could it be that the Barcelona system is designed only for ego-less men?

Why is the behavior in the Clasico such a problem?

Real Madrid and Barcelona are not responsible for the game’s wrongs. But they can give it a better face – and they don’t

The 10 most-read 2011 articles in Soccerissue

From things you can do with Qatar’s money to things that make Messi better than Ronaldo. Here are the posts you loved the most in 2011

The World Awaits The Californian Messi

Or the Japanese Zidane, or the Korean Thierry Henry. USA and Asia are one superstar away from becoming great football areas

Ones to watch in 2012

Here is a short list of names you should remember

Could there ever be another Alex Ferguson?

A proper football club cannot rely on the ability of one “hero” or a “messiah”

Why not Americanize the EPL?

A clear distinction between professional and amateur football is better for the sport

The Sparta Effect

Small countries can still influence international competition

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