Revenues of ‘Big Five’ European leagues up 15% to €11.3 billion in 2013/14

The gap between the ‘big five’ leagues and other leading European leagues continued to widen

Football’s Jewish DNA

Theory: Jewish thinking has inspired every attacking team in the history of football

A Poem: A Guy From Uruguay

A poem about Luis Suarez

A Poem: Reasons To Support

Expose what makes your inner soul

A Ruthless Parasite

The numbers suggest that FIFA is a ruthless parasite sucking the lifeblood out of the world and out of football

Academy – It’s More Than Just a Word

Here are some insights on the work of FSV Mainz 05′s football academy

Soccerissue Interview With: David Sally and Chris Anderson

David Sally and Chris Anderson are two professors who joined forces to write the first full-fledged football analytics book. “Statistically, football is the least predictable game”, they say

Everyone is Unique

Potential unlocked – the power of coordination training and custom-made technique training

Better Than Reality

What’s the difference between “reality TV” and sports

Soccerissue Interview With: Declan Hill

The world’s foremost expert on match-fixing and corruption in sports is trying to figure out with Soccerissue how to fix the match fixing problem

Soccerissue Interview With: Jordi Cruyff

Maccabi Tel Aviv’s General Manager doesn’t like the media but was kind enough to give us with some insights into how he works

A Champions League Format UEFA must consider – TAKE 2

A few months ago we suggested a new Champions League format that will make more commercial and sporting sense. Now we return with an even better format!

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