Ajax’s unfair challenge

Although the club from Amsterdam can’t keep hold of its best players, it must keep on doing what it does – just better

Does size matter?

Being a small nation has it’s advantages in international football

Premier League v. La Liga. By the numbers

Life is a debate about taste. These are merely the facts

Soccerissue interview with: Antonia Hagemann

What hope does the parliamentary inquiry offer football in the UK?

El Clasico – part 6

Real Madrid tactics turned against the team in the first leg against Barcelona

El Clasico – part 5

Asi gana Madrid (that’s how Madrid wins), with flashbacks of the club ethos combined with Mourinho’s trademarks. Barcelona doesn’t have a lot of time to recover

El Clasico – part 4

Real Madrid and Barcelona don’t need no cup. Every meeting between them is royal

El Calsico – part 3

How to enjoy the Messi experience? One move, one goal, one smile at a time

El Clasico – part 2

Real, down one man, managed a comeback. Its celebration after a home tie say a whole lot of how much Real is afraid of its archenemy

El Clasico – part one

Some weird logic claims that either Barcelona or Real can afford itself to lose the first of the upcoming four games between them. It is easy to confront this theory, but let us just say: Real Madrid and Barcelona can’t afford to lose to each other. This is what makes this rivalry such a classic

Who can play like Real Madrid?

Tottenham’s best strategy would be to make tonight’s gam a clash of styles

This is a man’s world

After fighting racism and chauvinism, football should get rid of homophobia

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