O Captain! No Captain!

Wenger a few years ago: ‘The captain is basically the messenger of the manager”. Yeah, right

Wenger’s Sunk Cost Will Take Arsenal Down

Arsenal are on a dangerous road. The club is in dire need to change but Wenger is not the man to lead that change


Wenger cannot succeed because his rivals work much better than him

Weak Link

Arsenal can no longer win the title with Wenger. You have empirical evidence for that

Giroud is Arsenal

‘s just what you can except from him and can sometimes pull off the unexpected. However, he’s not a striker for a title winning team

Could There Ever be Another Arsène Wenger?



That’s how Arsenal makes me feel right now. I don’t have to explain why, that’s just how I feel

It’s Özil or Wenger. Simple

Wenger sticks by his principles at the expense of his team, his players and the club

Arsène Wenger Makes Me Sad

Arsenal are uncoached, unprepared , unable to compete and mentally weak. And it’s been going on for more than a decade now

FC Fear

Arsenal’s most important man is scared. It’s scary

More Money, Less Ambition

In 1995 Arsenal felt comfortable to spend 31,4% of its income on Dennis Bergkamp – equivalent to spending more than £100m on one player today

Groundhog Summer

As groundhog season is followed by a groundhog summer, Arsenal’s summers have become as predictable as the team’s performances on the pitch

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