Money Talks

It’s Harder to Get Rich

The 19th edition of the Deloitte Football Money League, the annual list of highest earning clubs in football, shows no real big changes in the top 20

On Our Way To the Super League

European football will have to close the gaps between the rich and the rest or it will wake up to a reality in which the Premier League is The European Super League

Sponsors’ Spine

If only FIFA’s sponsors had half the decency Zoopla has

And That’s How Uefa are Losing Millions

Putting PSG – Barcelona at the same time Juventus are playing Bayern Munich is bad business

This is How Money Works on The Field

If you ever needed an example of how money decides games…

Cynical Stan

Kroenke is from the retail business and he knows investing less in a product and selling it for the same price is good for business

Who Will Pay the Price for The New Rules?

Fans will probably pay the price for the new Premier League rules

Quality Will Beat Quantity

How can the small football Industry fight against the huge Betting Industry? Embrace the spirit of Battle of Thermopylae

Money Bends The Rulers

If Uefa can’t protect their own rules from Qatar’s money, can anyone in football do it?

Money Sticks To Money

The medium sized clubs need to fight this “growing polarisation syndrome” more than anyone else

Why Did Sneijder Move to Turkey?

Well, it’s probably because only Galatasaray could really afford the Dutchman. Why? Tax issues (of course).

Is Messi Underpaid?

If Messi was a great point guard in the NBA, he would have earned a lot more than what he does as the best footballer on the planet

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