soccer guys

7 reasons why dogs are better than footballers

From having an significant part in human evolution to enhancing humans’ physical and psychological well-being – dogs can do a lot of things footballers can’t

Talent is not a gift. It’s a skill

There is no such thing as God given talent

11 NBA players who should consider switching to football

NBA players are jobless. Some of them, though, can star in European football

The Prophet of Nil-Nil

I wish Gianni Brera was alive to see the weekend results in Italian football (and somehow sorry I was)

So how has telly changed football?

Alex Ferguson says Television changed football. We explore how exactly

You Can Buy 546 Messis With That

Here are 5 amazing things Qatar could do with the $220 billion they intend to spend on 2022 world cup

Football n’ Roll

Rock n’ Roll bands and football teams have a lot in common

If footballers were cars

Give me a footballer, I give you a car

Interview with cinematic genius. Sort of

A world exclusive. Ari Folman speaks to soccerissue on realism and fantasy

Short people have a lot to live for

Apparently in F1 they acknowledge the confidence problem of the pocket size superstar

Tevez-nobela (chapter 682)

A summer tribute to the Argentine national pastime – the Telenobela

Social Mobility

Not surprising to see that all Tennis-Football families seems to follow same route: football first, Tennis next

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