The Greats

Limited Edition

On Lionel Messi’s first 222 goals for Barcelona

11 footballers not remembered properly

How will we remember today’s greats if we can’t properly remember the greats?

Questions to dead footballers

We conducted a Séance to find out what the spirits of famous dead footballers think about today’s game

Next year’s XI

We did the hard thing. Selected the team of 2012. And told you why

The sweet rumor that was more than true

An advocate for the people, a mind blowing footballer, the great Socrates dies aged 57

Messi, Maradona. Europe

Europe rejected Maradona and raised Leo Messi. But the latter will never be what his idol was for the homeland

The prophecy. Garrincha

Arising from the ashes of Genocide and Slavery, Garrincha was more than a national icon. He was the fulfillment of a prophecy

The Pianist

This goal compilation was made for piano

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