United Nation

Just Like Frank

The goals are not free-flowing yet but the Pogba threat is beginning to open up oppositions

Giggs or an Outsider (In June, not Before)

Giggs should replace Van Gaal. If he fails – bring an outsider in June

An Optimistic Post About Manchester United

Manchester United had no chance of winning the Champions League but the game vs Wolfsburg offers a nice glimpse into the future

The Four Types

Bastian Schweinsteiger is a Type 4 player

Great day for United

One of the best players on the planet has signed, and quite a few mediocre ones have played their last match

The Man That Can’t Fail

Ed Woodward failed the club but won’t be sacked. Bankers never get the sack

Nine Reasons Why Manchester United Shouldn’t Sack David Moyes

Why I support Moyes? I don’t. I support Manchester United’s model. A model that worked really well for 69 years

Better Than 18 Year Old Ronaldo

Adnan Januzaj is like a young Michael Laudrup

Why Did Manchester United Fail in The Transfer Market?

Woodward comes from an industry that pays itself great amounts of money for failures

The Day Quaresma Didn’t Sign For United

We don’t know anything really

A Simple Story

Just a sidewalk and six friends who conquered Europe

Some things to be fixed

The Moyes appointment are a vote of confidence in the the United spirit. Some coaching issues have to be mended

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