United Nation

United’s Unsung Hero

United rarely play a more talented team than them, but when they do – it’s Welbeck time!

Busby & Fergie

They are an enormous, incredible and priceless privilege for Manchester United fans

Half a Messi!

29 million? a bargain!

It’s All Robin

Robin van Persie might be a better purchase than we previously thought

Mark Clattenburg had only ONE major mistake

Sending off Fernando Torres for a dive was not a logical decision

Thanks Jonjo!

It’s fair to say that Liverpool played better than Manchester United but because of Shelvey’s silly tackle, Manchester United won

On His Days

Berbatov was a 70s legend, a bit lost in the Millennium

Decent Half Game

The First half was vision. The second reality

Goals Are The Solution

Sir Alex said to himself: “Let us be the problem!”

The Glazers Are Winning

The Glazers’ game plan is on track: Buy “fans” for cheap -> increase revenues and value -> sell for massive profit

No cruelty. Breathtaking competitiveness

Cruel losses are those that haunt you forever. Not those of extreme improbabilities

Ticks all the boxes

In the signing of Shinji Kagawa United are following some proven paths. Including the commercial paths

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