United Nation

It’s All About The Chemistry

It’s like the old weary king said: “Who is the best son of Glasgow – let him be my heir”

Ferguson Retires. But What About Me?!

Am I now a fan of a normal club? Scary

One Man Dynasty

Liverpool had a long period of domination but with three different managers

It’s a Bit of a Shame

Manchester United will win the league. And 3 months of “garbage time” are not doing too well to the club or its players

Ferguson Stopped Believing

Sir Alex informed Rooney that he is no longer considered a super star

Doing Business With Manchester United

The most decorated player in English club football will not play for being an icon

United’s Unsung Hero

United rarely play a more talented team than them, but when they do – it’s Welbeck time!

Busby & Fergie

They are an enormous, incredible and priceless privilege for Manchester United fans

Half a Messi!

29 million? a bargain!

It’s All Robin

Robin van Persie might be a better purchase than we previously thought

Mark Clattenburg had only ONE major mistake

Sending off Fernando Torres for a dive was not a logical decision

Thanks Jonjo!

It’s fair to say that Liverpool played better than Manchester United but because of Shelvey’s silly tackle, Manchester United won

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