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Who is the monkey, UEFA?

UEFA has promised to fight racism in football. Are some players above the law?

There’s really nothing wrong with it

In a game where men are celebrating goals and wins with hugs and kisses, homosexuality shouldn’t be such a taboo

Video evidence anyone?

The red card may be justified for intent. But who is disgracing the sport?

Football ultrasound

European clubs invest in options for the future: toddler and unborn babies with good genes

Video: End of an Era

How Barcelona ended Real’s era of total European dominance

Video: Scandinavian calm

A Danish coach responding to suggestions he may have to quit

Messi finds the net

Leo messi scores again, but isn’t so lucky scoring off the pitch. The championship race in Germany is getting interesting. Nani proves people wrong. Ibrahimovic is acting like a punk. Famous athletes punked out, and even Steve Nash comes for a visit in this week’s video post

Australian rules football

Down, under and up in Australia’s amazing league final; in a letdown week by Barcelona, Udinese is establishing itself as one of Europe’s most exciting teams, Belgian fans behaving badly, and David Beckham, again, gets in touch with his feminine side

The art of science

A new academic research claims that footballers are just like scientists. We agree with one condition: scientist can’t perform the art of the beautiful game

Happy birthday Pisces

In this week’s second installment of video post, we are celebrating the evil and the good that this time brought to the world: Blatter, Bin Laden, Eto’o and mostly King Kenny Dalglish

The Bus never Stops

If you were looking for thrills, and the Arab world didn’t satisfy your hunger, football stadiums around the world offered a lot of excitement. Unless you were watching Barcelona


In this week’s first installment of video post: many players were using their head to score goals this past weekend, Bayern Munich is owned by one man, Jose Mourinho has reached an amazing milestone, and Chelsea is going bankrupt. And also: the world’s dirtiest player

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