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It’s Over

The Transfer market, closing tonight, helped Inter Milan to keep pace in Italy. It seems that nothing can help Real Madrid in the Spanish league, and an injury to Arsenal’s superstar may cap the team chances for any title.
And a Playboy bunny is taking over a club in Poland (and this is not the funniest thing in this video post)

A Routine Football Week

Barcelona keeps shattering the record books, Manchester United keeps reminding us of 1999, Ibrahimovic keeps scoring, and European clubs keep ignoring Japanese superstars

When Football is Quiet, the Idiots are Making Noise

In this week’s second installment of video post, we will give you the pleasure to choose from a fine selection of football related idiots, some strippers, a model who drove Samuel Eto’o crazy. Thanks God we have Zlatan Ibrahimovich as a constant feature

A Time of Hope

Hope is the theme of this weekend. Liverpool reignited its hope, Manchester United rips off more dividends for not losing its hope in a player, Dortmund gave some hope to its chasers, and in Rwanda, football brought back hope for better future

It’s over in Spain

Today in our video post: Real Madrid knows how to run after, but not how to lead. In Germany, they like goals and decisions. And an EU Parliament member, doesn’t want gays on his team (or at all)

Making movies

In this week’s first installment of Video posts: old strikers never die, the Bundesliga is back, and who is the best striker of the world for 2010?

Not every goal was born equal

In today’s video post we are offering a revolutionary way to judge goals. Whether you accept it or not, it will be better than today’s scandalous judging. Also: weird injuries, the demise of Chelsea and another landmark for the great Xavi

Back from the Drought

A few international players used the beginning of the New Year to break a long scoring drought. Also in this week’s video-post: some family matters and football in a war zone


Saturday’s round up: Christmas gives us a great chance to look outside the Christian world of football.

Another War in the Middle East

football tube – Saturday December 11th

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